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The value of a
focused ecosystem

Watch Tom Tsang discuss the importance of having investors who create an ecosystem of healthtech companies to build relationships.

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We invest in the people solving difficult problems and building category-defining products in healthcare.


Our unique network spans the pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health markets to the leading life sciences venture funds. Our connections cover entrepreneurs who have created some of the most novel companies in existence to key thought leaders in the clinical and scientific communities. Strategic relationships are at the core of our DNA.


We use our special relationships to access and build disruptive healthcare technology companies that survive our intensive due diligence, hold the promise to change the face of healthcare by satisfying unmet medical needs in large markets, and result in better care and longer life. By doing so, we will fulfill our responsibility to provide our investors with significant returns.

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We assess a company's likelihood of success based on the following standards:


The Leadership Team

  • has the right experience, knowledge, expertise and resources
  • is honest and realistic about challenges the company faces

The Company

  • is beyond the concept development stage
  • addresses a large unmet need in healthcare
  • addresses a large market and focused on “the next big thing”
  • has generated impressive data demonstrating its technology or product works
  • understands healthcare economics and can articulate a clear value proposition

The Technology or Procedure

  • is “evidence-based”
  • is either transformative, that is, it offers a totally new way to approach a problem, or clearly superior to any existing product
  • is free of intellectual property barriers

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