At Windham Venture Partners, we partner with companies that are commercializing game-changing technologies in the areas of medical technology and digital health. The strength of our portfolio is rooted in the world-class visionaries who lead these companies. Together we are creating the next generation of healthcare.

Prior to launching our fund, we completed several investments on a “deal-by-deal” basis. We then launched our Fund I in the summer of 2012 and recently launched Fund II in February of 2016. From time to time, we also make affiliated investments.

Behavecare is an at-risk care coordination company focused on improving outcomes and reducing healthcare costs for certain Medicaid populations.

Sandbox (Blue Cross Blue Shield Ventures)

BluePrint Health
A mentorship-driven startup accelerator program for entrepreneurs involved in the health technology space. Blueprint provides funding, co-working space and guidance to these companies from a sizable network of mentors. Adam Fine is a mentor to BluePrint Health.

A host of sponsors including insurance companies, hospitals, physicians, healthcare IT companies and startups, pharmacies, and venture capital firms.

Cartiva develops and markets innovative solutions for patients with osteoarthritis, cartilage damage and other musculoskeletal conditions.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Domain Associates.

ClarVista Medical
ClarVista is a medical device company focused on novel solutions in ophthalmology.

Clarvista is developing the HARMONI Modular Intra-Ocular System to optimize vision in the setting of cataract surgery.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and Cycad Group

Coravin markets the Coravin Wine Access System for wine enthusiasts, restaurants, wine stores and wineries. Coravin developed proprietary patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork.

CredSimple is an NCQA-certified SaaS company automating the provider credentialing process for healthcare providers and payors.

Athena Health, BluePrint Health, Primary Ventures, Bowery Capital,, and Newark Ventures

CuraSeal is developing and commercializing devices for minimally invasive treatment of intestinal fistulas. These devices will reduce the duration and cost of conservative management and will avoid highly invasive surgical procedures.

Ascent Biomedical Ventures, Lewis Pell, Jim Lenehan, Savitr Capital.

Cureatr is a NY-based company helping accountable care organizations, hospitals and health systems, specialty care providers, and physician practice groups improve care coordination through the company's mobile-based platform.

Deerfield, Cardinal Partners, Cerner Corp, Milestone Venture Partners, JMI

CVRx is a clinical stage company that has developed proprietary active implantable technology for the treatment of hypertension and heart failure.

Johnson & Johnson, NEA, Ysios BioFund, Action Potential Venture Capital & Gilde Healthcare Partners

Earlens, a California-based private company, has developed and is marketing a novel hearing solution designed to change the current standard of care for hearing impaired individuals. The Earlens System's unique mechanism of direct sound delivery achieves a level of sound quality unmatched by conventional hearing aids.

NEA, Lightstone Ventures, Aisling Capital, Vertex Healthcare Ventures, Cochlear and Medtronic.

Enumeral biomedical
Enumeral engages in the discovery of native human monoclonal antibodies for use in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Harris & Harris

GlySens has developed and is now testing in clinical trials a novel, long term implant to continuously monitor and transmit blood glucose levels to smart phones and other devices.

Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) & West Health

HelpAround is a mobile virtual safety net for patients with specific conditions and chronic diseases, initially diabetes and food allergies.

Robert Oringer, Walt Winshall

InSleep is developing novel products to address sleep disordered breathing, which affects 80 million people in the U.S. and is associated with hypertension, other cardiovascular problems and ADHD.

Michael Gusky and others.

Invuity (NASDAQ:IVTY) markets sophisticated optics for illumination and enhanced visualization in surgery.

Invuity completed its IPO in June 2015.

Kleiner Perkins, Interwest Partners, Valence Advantage (Caxton), Health Care Royalty Partners , Wexford Capital & Wellington Managment

Locemia Solutions
Locemia is developing a novel drug delivery system.

Locemia was acquired by Eli Lilly in October 2015.

Robert Oringer, Walt Winshall

MC10 is extending human capabilities by making high performance, electronics virtually invisible, conformable and wearable.

North Bridge, Braemar Energy Ventures, Osage, Aberdare Ventures & Medtronic

NeoTract is marketing a novel, office-based, minimally invasive approach for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. The device provides rapid and long-term relief of obstructive symptoms and does not preclude any other form of therapy, medical or surgical.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) & Greenspring Associates.

NeuSpera, based in Santa Clara, CA, is developing injectable neuromodulation devices, so called “electroceuticals,” using licensed mid-field powering technology.

NovoCure (NASDAQ:NVCR) has developed a novel form of cancer therapy termed Tumor Treatment Fields (TTF) that operates on different principles than standard treatment modalities (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy). The TTF-device has received an initial FDA approval for end stage glioblastoma multiforme and is undergoing several clinical trials for different cancer types.

NovoCure completed its IPO in October 2015.

WFD Ventures, Index Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC), Pfizer, Medtronic

Nuelle (formerly Arisa Health):
Nuelle is a sexual wellness and intimate care company focused on delivering groundbreaking solutions made specifically for women.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Correlation Ventures, and BVCF

Nuvaira is developing a first-in-class bronchoscopic device and procedure to treat lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Morganthaler Ventures, Advanced Technology Ventures, Split Rock Ventures, Versant Ventures, Vertex Venture Holdings and various undisclosed strategic investors.

Personal Genome Diagnostics
Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) is an emerging leader in personalized diagnostics with a proprietary methodology in next generation sequencing (NGS) for use in research and clinical oncology.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

Science Exchange
Science Exchange is an online marketplace for scientific collaboration where researchers can order experiments from the world's best laboratories.

Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Y Combinator and others.

SpineView is marketing novel surgical instruments for minimally invasive spine surgery including a revolutionary new endoscopic-type device to allow direct visualization and surgical manipulation of spinal structures.

Medtronic, NGN Capital, Ascent Biomedical Ventures, Lewis Pell and others.

Tales2Go is a Netflix-Like service that streams thousands of audiobook titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond.

VytronUS is a clinical stage, medical device company developing a novel catheter-based treatment for cardiac arrhythmias with a focus on atrial fibrillation (AFib). 

New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Apple Tree Partners, BioStar and others.

WellDoc has developed an industry-leading, technology-based platform designed to help people with chronic diseases manage their conditions. The company is initially focused on type II diabetes.

Merck Global Health Initiative

Willow Pump is the first wearable smart breast pump, allowing new mothers to be liberated from wires while discreetly pumping. Willow Pump mobile app allows users to connect on smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth in order to track milk volume in real time, compare data from previous sessions, set alerts, and more.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) & Lightstone Ventures